Worship Arts Auditions

We are currently looking for vocalists and instrumentalists to serve on the worship team. We are looking for musicians who:
  • Are growing in relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Have a heart for worship and a desire to serve
  • Can demonstrate vocal or instrumental proficiency to a prescribed standard

Step 1

Spend time in earnest prayer over this decision. It should not be taken casually. The area of service you are considering requires a time commitment both on and off the platform. It’s also one of the most visible roles in the church. Take time to examine your Christian walk. We know it’s impossible for anyone to be perfect, but if you can acknowledge between yourself and God any manner of ongoing sin that is not being addressed from an attitude of repentance, then we encourage you to confront that first before seeking to lead other believers in worship in such a visible position.

Step 2

Please complete and submit the form below.

Step 3

Give us 24 hours to contact you. We’ll arrange a face-to-face introduction and an opportunity for you to show us what you can do on the platform.

What to expect in the audition

  • You’ll perform one song that we will choose for you. You’ll get one week to learn it whether you need the full week or not. Practice tracks and sheet music will be provided. The only people watching you perform will be a small handful of Worship Arts staff and a video camera.
  • Singers will not be allowed to use sheet music or lyrics on the platform. However, there will be a confidence screen on the back wall of the room. Instrumentalists are encouraged to play from memory but not required.
  • We use in-ear monitors (IEMs), not floor monitors. Please bring your own earbuds. If IEMs are a new experience for you, we’ll take the time to explain how they work and make sure that you have a satisfactory mix before you begin to sing or play.
  • We use click tracks. Auditionees must be able to perform in sync with the click.
  • When the audition is over, the results will not be given immediately. The Worship Arts staff will take another 24 hours to confer and make any necessary reviews of the audition recording, and then notify you of the results.