Prayer Request

Melanie McRae, October 5, 2023 - 12:56 pm

Please pray for my step-mother Sandra Kubler, she is experiencing severe pain in her knee due to a floating bone chip. She is being treated without surgery at this time, and we are praying her pain goes away and mobility improves without further intervention needed.

Please also pray for my 19yo niece Lauren who has been experiencing cyclical vomiting and “abdominal migraines.” She is regularly having to go to the ER or be admitted because she cannot keep food down, is malnourished, and unable to be out of bed for extended periods of time without triggering distress. She will also see a cardiologist soon, which may reveal more, due to a recent cardiac incident in her time in the hospital last week. Please pray for answers, healing resolution, and restoration of normal life for her.