Prayer Request

Raymond Elijah Griffin, March 9, 2024 - 6:20 pm

Hello my name is Raymond Elijah Griffin from edgefield sc asking for your prayers for me and Lynnwood priester protection against witchcraft and lack of money please pray that asisha Pittman and John bell Johnnie bell Sylvia and Patricia and Cassie Jackson and Elaine and Carolyn Williams Nicholson Alma Williams and others people including the voodoo people's leave us alone forever I had to deal with witchcraft since childhood my late grandmother Alma practice it on the family before I was born please pray 🙏 it away forever please pray for my cat midnight she not feeling good I been worried please pray I stop struggling every month please pray for our health issues HIV etc please pray for my head I got to get a MRI march 13 please pray lynwood stop doing drugs please pray I get money please pray for us for 40 days and nights